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In between the forced orgasms in this hour long ordeal, she is also tickled and tormented. Sara always protests and screams as the huge tool is thrust in and out of her little tight fanny but she loves it really and the more it is forced inside her the wetter and more excited she becomes.

Picture of Michelle Smith flashing
Watch gorgeous Michele Smith as she strips totally naked and walks right through the center of a crowded City street..
Micheals naked walk

Another nasty moment for 21 year old Sara, hogtied in the middle of a fast running river. Left there she has to keep the uncomfortable position, laying face down on sharpe rocks. If she relaxes her face goes down under the water, just to keep her on her toes. Again we use itchy hemp rope, and it gets tighter as it gets wet, adding to her further discomfort.

She is very good with her fanny as you will see in this hour long film. Plenty of nice long legged action, from our blonde beauty, Tanya. You will find it difficult not to shoot your whack as every intimate part of her body is displayed, in your face as she struggles with several tasks that she is given. Foot fetish fans will also love this film.

Tied up on the English moors is not 21 year old Amy's idea of fun, but when she finally escapes her bondage she finds that walking barefoot through thorns, thistles and along sharpe stony paths is no fun either! She cant afford to go to slowly either because she doesn't want to be caught and punished again.

Sibs Country Bondage shoot. One hour of scrumptious fanny to the wind, lens up her arshole, hot sweaty filthy country bondage. Sib gets tied and/or cuffed in a variety of very uncomfortable positions. Its a red hot day and Sib gets ARCH-SPREAD across a hot jagged rock. As she wriggles the only thing she can wriggle, her tight little ass, in a vain attempt to gain a comfortable position, the jagged edges of the rock scrape and bite into her naked flesh.

A nice little film for those who like to watch girls on the beach, Voyeurs will not be disappointed. In this film you get a great view of an anonymous girl first dressed and laying on a blanket on the beach, but later as it gets warmer she decides to strip off into a bikini. We capture all the action runtime 60mins

A freezing cold January day. Sibble is captured and taken to a real 14th Century English Barn were all kinds of torments are about to be practiced on her. From being hosed down with freezing cold water to being tied in all kinds of excruciating positions. She also gets subjected to unbearable tickling on most parts of her body and luscious feet... runtime 60mins approx.

Vanessa gets a very serious lesson when she is kidnapped, shoved into the boot of a car and driven miles and miles whilst both naked and bound up tightly. There is much worst to come though as she is frog marched some distance to a field still naked and barefoot. She is then tied and stretched spread eagled between four stakes in the ground. Then the real fun begins as her tormentor begins to have fun with her vulnerable sexy body. runtime 60 mins


A sixty minute studio session, with quite a few surprises.

You cannot imagine the look on Sarah's face when we told her to strip off all of her clothes in the freezing cold woods in the middle of January. Temperatures were well below zero and Sarah could not believe her ears when she was told to also remove her boots and socks. "Please let me just keep my boots on it's freezing", she cried as the icy wind bit into the vulnerable intimate bits of her naked body.

Adrian "The Sub" gets forced to suck Andreas feet, and that's just the start. He also finds himself tied up and tickled and then forced to dress up in a humiliating maids uniform and tights. For a while Andrea leads him around naked with his balls securely tied up in a noose, then she straps him onto a piece of dungeon equipment

Sarah hangs from a beam by her tightly tied wrists, her ankles bound securely to a wide spreader bar, leaving her dripping pussy completely exposed and accessible to the multi speed vibrator that she will be trained to fear. She screams with ecstasy and terror as probing fingers explore her helpless cunt hole. runtime: 60mins

More Bdsm, tit torment and heavy bondage as Lianne sticks electrodes on Lindsey's nipples and winds up the voltage. Lindsey almost climbs the trees that she is tied to as Lianne teases and torments her by holding the buttons, that shoot the searing electricity straight through her nipples, right up close to her face. Full film inside

Stunning eighteen year old Angie. We are not allowed to tell you which one but I'm sure that a lot of you horny lads out there will recognize this cutie,filmed naked with the brutal men in the yard. The things we have to do to keep these girls cunt's dribbling!!! Full film inside

Eighteen year old sex goddess, Trudy, does a bondage shoot in pantyhose as well as her birthday suite. Of course after we trussed her up good and proper, the fucking ropes started to shrink in the midday sunshine. Never mind we thought, if Goldie gets her tits strangled, what the hell? Full film inside


Lovely Vennesa Read entertains us with a nice little hog tie on top of a table thats really not big enough or solid enough to support her tiny frame. Still she will just have to manage. Full film inside


Legs secured spead and in the air leaving her lovely little arse fully exposed and ready for action. Sticking a feather up her arse seems like a very good start... Full film inside


Forced to slave totally naked and barefoot on a buiding site in the hot mid day sun, with a gang of very hungry men... Full film inside

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Maria takes a pleasant walk along the road, starkers, << click image for larger version. Full film inside

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NAKED IN PUBLIC Lindey starkers in a crowded street


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NAKED IN PUBLIC Jane is punished, we take her clothes away from her.

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Vennesa Hogtied

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NAKED IN PUBLIC Nice little streak through a carpark

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Saskia does a foot fetish film

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